How to Gain More Pinterest Followers in 24 Hours

You would think a method to gain more Pinterest followers in as little as 24 hours would come from a think tank of experts locked in a conference room on the top floor of a New York marketing building. I’ll be honest though as cool as that would have been we stumbled onto this strategy […]

Why Should I Market On Pinterest?

The most common answer we see on the web for the question: “Why should I market on Pinterest?” usually contains some  generic stats about Pinterest like, “It is the fastest growing social network”, “It gets 12 million unique visitors a month”, “Users spend more time on Pinterest than Facebook”, etc. Although these stats are true […]

How To Make An Image That Will Get Pinned Thousands Of Times And Drive Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site

Many months ago we set out to design the perfect pin. We knew there had to be some theory and technique behind what made one pin a total success and another pin get lost minutes after it hit Pinterest. We became a little obsessed with the idea and began trying all kinds of theories. We read everything […]

Pinterest Analytics: How Do I Actually Use It?

Let me first start by saying we are huge Pinterest fans, they have brought a lot of good to the social media realm and they are breaking down some big barriers. That being said, you can imagine how excited we were when Pinterest released its Web Analytics. After all, we are a Pinterest marketing company […]

Pinterest For Your Business: In-house or Outsourced?

I am a list person, I always have been. My brothers growing up used to tease me because I would write all my day’s to-dos on a list and sometimes I would just re-write the list to make it more organized. Even my husband now laughs because I have to have a notepad by my […]

Pinterest Traffic: Worth it or Worthless?

Headlines like these have started popping up in newspapers and blogs around the web. So the question has turned from, “Can Pinterest drive traffic?” to “Is Pinterest traffic worth driving.” The straight up answer is: it depends. It depends on how your website is ready to handle Pinterest Traffic. CopyBlogger puts it best when he […]

Should I be Using Pinterest for Business Marketing?

Using Pinterest for business marketing is not for every company. For some companies, it can be a gold mine. While there are other companies, after the first consultation, we flat out tell them they wouldn’t be a good fit for Pinterest. Not because those companies are bad or sketchy companies but because Pinterest has a […]

Pinterest Strategies: Our Secret Sauce

Here at Dilly we love Pinterest, we are actually probably classified as obsessed with Pinterest. Not in the same way your mom or sister is where they pin every delicious looking recipe or cute saying they find and have a string of 60 random boards (although I know a few of our team members fit […]

Is Pinterest Marketing Really Just Spam?

Any marketing technique that has value will have people trying to exploit it, Pinterest is no different. There are people out there creating junk content, false links and automated techniques to grab any kind of attention they can. That being said, REAL Pinterest Marketing is not spammy. What is Real Pinterest Marketing Pinterest is a social sharing site that […]

What Superbowl Commercials Taught Me About Marketing On Pinterest

The scores are in, the chips and dipare gone and all that is left of the SuperBowl is to replay highlights and of course rewatch our favorite commercials.  My favorite part of the Superbowl has always been the commercials, sure the football is fun but I am drawn to the suspense at each commercial break […]