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How We Got A Client 12,380 Unique Visitors From Pinterest In 21 Days

At the beginning of March (this year),¬†Diabetic Connect, one of the leading social networks for the diabetes community, hired us to run a Pinterest campaign for them. The result 21 days later? 24,470 pins and repins 12,380 unique visitors 264,571 page views 1,713 more followers on Pinterest. How we did it Before we started the […]

How Much Does Pinterest Marketing Cost?

The answer to this question totally depends on the type of Pinterest marketing service you need. So let’s start there. Here are the different types of services we’ve seen: Account Setup This service is usually a one-time fee and would typically include setting up your initial boards with good board names and descriptions, adding x […]

What Kind Of Images Do Well On Pinterest?

There are three types of images that do well: Images with text on them offering to teach/show you something Longer images that teach/show you something in the image itself, aka instructographics Images that show you the possible end result of what you want/like/need Now that I’ve told you three types that tend to go viral. […]