Is Pinterest Marketing Really Just Spam?

Any marketing technique that has value will have people trying to exploit it, Pinterest is no different. There are people out there creating junk content, false links and automated techniques to grab any kind of attention they can. That being said, REAL Pinterest Marketing is not spammy. What is Real Pinterest Marketing Pinterest is a social sharing site that […]

What Superbowl Commercials Taught Me About Marketing On Pinterest

The scores are in, the chips and dipare gone and all that is left of the SuperBowl is to replay highlights and of course rewatch our favorite commercials.  My favorite part of the Superbowl has always been the commercials, sure the football is fun but I am drawn to the suspense at each commercial break […]

What Kind Of Images Do Well On Pinterest?

There are three types of images that do well: Images with text on them offering to teach/show you something Longer images that teach/show you something in the image itself, aka instructographics Images that show you the possible end result of what you want/like/need Now that I’ve told you three types that tend to go viral. […]