How to Gain More Pinterest Followers in 24 Hours


You would think a method to gain more Pinterest followers in as little as 24 hours would come from a think tank of experts locked in a conference room on the top floor of a New York marketing building.

I’ll be honest though as cool as that would have been we stumbled onto this strategy by accident and we were just as surprised as the next guy that it actually worked because it is so simple.

Not only were we able to get more followers but they were real and interested followers not robots or spam accounts. It took about 2 hours from start to finish to create the necessary content and start the marketing, then in about 24 hours we were seeing our follower numbers grow.

We also spent 10 to 15 mins daily for 1 week to keep our follower numbers growing each day.

Most of us when we read the words “create content” cringe and lean back in our desk chair or on our hammock and sigh, instantly writing off the idea because we decided we would rather eat that month than pay for and learn how to use Photoshop.

Or perhaps it isn’t the lack of Photoshop skills holding you back, maybe it is just the overwhelming task of coming up with an interesting idea. Whichever it is you can let out another sigh, this time from relief, because The Met Method makes both issues as easy as they can get.

What Does The Met Have To Do With This

The Met

Who do you think makes more money, the museum housing the art or the artist who created the art? You can bet there is enough money in showcasing art that it is worth being in business to the top museums.

Non-profit or not, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City made enough money it could pay its Director over 1 million dollars in 2011 (source). It is said that “The Metropolitan Museum is one of the world’s richest cultural institutions”. (source)

Not every museum thrives like the Met. Why? Two reasons.

  1. The Met curates only the best and most popular art.
  2. It has a long standing trendy and fashionable image. People love to be associated with the Met.

We aren’t here to discuss or argue art and the politics around it. Instead, let’s glean some simple, yet effective, lessons from an organization as successful as the Met, that we can apply to gaining Pinterest followers.

Pinterest and The Met: Lessons to Learn

Lesson 1: The Met doesn’t create all its own art. We don’t have to either. We can instead curate  the best content on Pinterest and benefit from being the curator. On Pinterest, each board we create is essentially an art exhibit. We have a theme, or board name, and then we fill it with great content around that theme from all over the web and Pinterest.

Lesson 2: The Met doesn’t steal art and re-brand it as their own. They give credit where credit is due and even highlight the artists. On Pinterest, as you curate the best content, the content owners will also benefit from your efforts in the form of repins and traffic. That is ok. As a matter of fact it is great! Our goal with this method is to capture followers and showcasing other people can help with that.

Lesson 3: The Met draws people in by marketing both specific art pieces and also by marketing exhibits as a whole. Too often we focus on only marketing specific content pieces we have created when we could also benefit from pushing our curated board collections as well. We can market each board on our Pinterest account and gain followers with that marketing.

Lesson 4: The Met doesn’t show case junk. You should never pin junk onto your board just to fill it up. Be sure that each pin in your exhibit (on your board) is worthy of 100s of repins. This is key to gaining any sort of success with a curated collection of content. It has to be good content.

With these principles in mind, you are ready to see the process we use.

The Simple Step-By-Step Process To Using “The Met Method” To Get More Pinterest Followers

Step 1: Choose your exhibit (board) theme.
Step 2: Gather the best content possible for your exhibit (board).
Step 3: Create an exhibit poster (board cover).
Step 4: Promote your exhibit (board) as a whole.

Step 1: Choose Your Exhibit (Board) Theme

We chose a topic inside the industry we were working in. In this case our client was in the beauty industry so we chose the topic Eye Makeup. The topic has to be popular and trendy so that it draws people’s attention.

Eye Makeup has a huge following on Pinterest so we started there. Remember, The Met wouldn’t gather an exhibit no one wanted to see. So you shouldn’t make boards around topics no one cares about.

Step 2: Gather The Best Pieces You Can For Your Exhibit (Board)

We titled our board simply “Eye Makeup” and then filled the board with the 30 best eye makeup tips we could find. It had to be amazing content so what we pinned had to follow these 3 criteria:

  1. The image for the pin had to be a stunning picture. Clear and capturing your attention immediately.
  2. It had to click through to an actual website if it is was a tutorial.
  3. The pin had to be useful. We didn’t pin images that were simply fun to look at but ones that had ideas the majority of people would want to save and use later.

Here is a screenshot of some of the pins on our board:


Step 3: Create An Exhibit Poster (Board Cover)

Once The Met has a great exhibit lined up it has to have something to announce it. Here is a recent exhibit poster for The Met:

We created a cover image, one that represented the contents of our board as a whole. It was meant to be the marketing poster for our exhibit of content. It was a simple straight forward image that any image editing software could help you create. Here is our exhibit poster:

Step 4: Promote Your Exhibit (Board) As A Whole

We uploaded the cover image to Pinterest, pinned it, and then went back and edited the pin by putting the board URL (i.e. as the link source.

So if someone were to click through the pin it would take them to our board page. We then pinned and repinned our cover image to as many applicable boards and group boards as we could.

As the image grew in popularity people began to follow our account. With very little work we have seen over 300 followers in a matter of 7 days. The repin number for each pin on the board grows each day adding social credibility to the board as more and more people find it.

 The Met method is all about curating the best content around a topic, placing it onto one board and then promoting that one board with a specific pin/image. Just like a successful museum creates and benefits from a well created exhibit each pinterest account can benefit from marketing the boards they own.

The key is to create an image that then links back to your board page on Pinterest. When people repin the image you created they are sharing that board page, and when people click through the image they are seeing your board page.

Your Turn

Try it yourself. What do you have to lose. Then let us know what results you see in the comments below.


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  1. Joanna Gasdogas says:

    Yes. I see your strategy and it’s great. But how do I justify having viral boards on an online MARKETING Pinterest account? I know people like eye makeup, beautiful places, cute animal pictures, but how do you integrate that with your non make-up business? This may get me followers, but they are not going to be followers interested in my niche.

    Any suggestions?

    • @Joanna, the concept would be the same. You would need to create or curate content that appeals to people interested in online marketing, create a board image to represent the board, then promote that image to the right audience. In your case it would be to become a contributor on group boards about marketing online. Go to and sign up. Search the group boards there to find boards worth trying to become a contributor on. Good luck, and thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m trying this. I have a food blog and created a board with images of fruit based desserts. I found absolutely gorgeous photos of dessert that are pretty easy to make. I haven’t promoted the board yet, but I had a thought.

    Most people who like what I did will start to follow the dessert board (which has no links back to my site – my pictures aren’t yet of the same caliber as these) rather than follow me in general. or follow my other boards How does this help me?

    • Rachel Perry says:

      We find the most effective way to use this strategy is to build a board just like you did with your fruit based desserts. Then put some time into marketing that board for a few weeks to build up its followers, then turn and instead of marketing the board as much put that time into content that will get those followers to your site. Pinning content on to that board will put that content into your followers feeds.

      This isn’t a magic bullet strategy in the sense that it solves all the problems of getting account followers, but it is very low cost and very easy to put together making it powerful. In the end you will have created a highly targeted board you can market to whenever you would like, as often as you would like.

      As for images, you are right, great pictures of food will do the best but if you are not ready to post your images there are still ways to put your site into the board. Create an image like this: the images are smaller so the details are not as obvious. Or instead do something like this that omits the pictures all together

      If you were to use the Met Method for all of your boards you would not only have a higher follower account but very powerful boards that with targeted audiences, remember they followed a board specifically about desserts so when you pin a new dessert onto your board they are more likely to click through then some one that followed a drink or chicken board.

  3. Hi!

    Awesome tips, I especially love the idea of linking back to the individual boards – great stuff!

    I’ve run into one issue however, I tried inviting users to my first group board but when searching the users I am looking to add, their name doesn’t show up – any advice?

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Ufff, this is the most useful article I’ve read so far on Pinterest strategies! Congrats and thank you for sharing it!