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Here at Dilly we love Pinterest, we are actually probably classified as obsessed with Pinterest. Not in the same way your mom or sister is where they pin every delicious looking recipe or cute saying they find and have a string of 60 random boards (although I know a few of our team members fit that category too).

Rather we are obsessed with the results we see from Pinterest, it is so addicting! There is nothing like crafting a great piece of content, pinning it into live streams of pinners and then watching repins tick in and traffic increase.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of waking up first thing in the morning and cracking open the laptop before breakfast just to sneak a peek at the progress of a campaign because the curiosity is killing you!Then you are missing a true joy in this life.

It is definitely common to find our team pinning late into the night or just before the world starts heading to the office, trying to get a few more people to see a campaign. We love the thrill of pushing a great campaign forward. But what exactly is it that we do?

Just like you never start cooking without learning a recipe or two, we would never expect anyone to work with us without understanding what it is that we do and why we love it. So here is our recipe, so to speak, of what a common content campaign:

Recipe Sauce


Step 1: Content Creation/Revision

We need to find, revise, or create a piece of content that is tailored specifically to the Pinterest audience. During this stage we work with you to decide what kind of content makes sense for your industry, for your business goals and for the Pinterest community.

You may already have a piece of content that accomplishes these three goals and you may not. If we find an existing piece of content that works it most likely will need to be polished up a bit to work on Pinterest. If we don’t find an image that is good enough then we will create one. Here is an example of some content we helped revise (it currently has 28,720 repins):


Step 2: Landing Page Preparation

Once the content has been approved by your team it is time to put the content onto a blog post or page on your website. We also help you to determine the best way to set up the landing page.

In some cases it may make sense to have your products displayed to the side of the content. In other cases it might be best to have an opt-in form or other elements to get the most out of the traffic coming from Pinterest. Our team then begins the initial push of the content.

Landing page screenshot

Step 3: Initial Push of Content (5 to 10 days)

This is the longest phase of the campaign, this is the time when our team is actively pinning your content onto community boards and non-community boards that are relevant to the piece of content. This is how your content gets seen and gets shared (pinned).

We use a variety of strategies to get the best results that we can (discussed in more detail below). This period of time is when you will see the largest burst of repins and traffic because the content is new and spreads more virally because no one has seen it yet. Initial Push

Step 4: Marinating Period

After the initial push period is complete and we have seen that burst of traffic, we pause the active pushing of the content for a few days. We do this to give the content time to filter through Pinterest as well as to give our community boards and accounts a break.

Pushing the same piece of content for too long can burn out the community boards we are a part of and ultimately hinder the progress of the campaign. During this period we monitor the content and see if it continues to drive at least some traffic on its own.

Untitled drawing (4)Step 5: Content Revitalization (3 to 5 days)

At the end of the marinating period we pick up actively pushing the campaign again for one more shorter time period to give the content one more big push. We again follow the processes we did in the initial push of the campaign to try and kick up its momentum and help it continually drive traffic longer. Content Revitalization Once these phases are complete the content will continue to gain repins and traffic. We have multiple pieces of content that we pushed over 4 months ago and it is still driving daily traffic to the client’s website. This is one of our favorite things about Pinterest.

New people are joining Pinterest and discovering this great content so a campaign can have a life well beyond the one month of active promotion.(to date -Feb 2013- this one piece of content has driven 4,483 visitors to the site and an average of 25 to 50 visitors per day in residual traffic) Residual Traffic I hope the step by step breakdown of the life of a campaign helps but you still may be asking yourself, “But how do you get such good results?” Great question! We want you to know what will be happening with your campaign so below are the exact strategies we use:

Our Strategies

Before your campaign is even pushed live, we do a few things to prepare for the launch

Research Similar Content – We try to find content on pinterest that is already successful in your industry. We use these to generate content and marketing ideas to make your campaign more successful.

We designed a tool called Social Tally, to help us do just this for our clients. Feel free to give it a spin and see how some of your existing content is doing, just click the image, then paste in your URL and hit submit.

Social Tally

Research Group Boards – We find networks of people on Pinterest (aka group boards or community boards) that accept pins around the category your piece of content is aiming to reach. Then we try to get invitations to join those networks.

We developed a tool and database with over 13,000 group boards called Board Deck. We use this tool regularly to help us find the most powerful group boards possible for your campaigns.

Board Deck

During the active pushing of content we implement a variety of strategies

Use Multiple Accounts – Our team is active on and maintains multiple Pinterest accounts networking around a variety of topics. These accounts are real accounts that people find useful and enjoyable.

Here is an example of a food account we maintain, this is actually where I store all my favorite family recipes and recipes I want to try. I use this account as a weekly reference when I cook and to promote great food related content.

The Red Apron Girl

Use Multiple People – We never leave a campaign to just one person. No one person is always going to be available to pin when pinning needs to be done so we work on campaigns as a team. This ensures that we are getting more pins at optimal times and that if something comes up a campaign is never left hanging.

Leverage Networks on Pinterest – Networks on Pinterest are called group boards. A group board is a board on Pinterest that has more than one person adding pins to it and often quite a few followers (thousands). We pin relevant content to those group boards to gain more exposure. Here is an example a pretty average group board:

Group Board Pieces

Pin At Peak Times – We vary up the times of day we pin and repin the campaign content. Different groups of people are on Pinterest at different times of day. We try to reach pinners at peak times as well as slower times to gain a wider audience.

Best Time to Pin

Pin on Peak Days of the Week – Not every day in the week is equal, for instance Saturday night most people are out on the town and not necessarily pinning. Thursday night and Saturday morning though are more popular times to be on Pinterest. We use information like that to reach the largest audience we can.

Each campaign is different, just like each business is different. We use these strategies and processes to tailor the best campaign we can to you. We love Pinterest and are stoked for the results it bring companies. If you have any questions about what we do and how we do it we would love to hear them and we will do our best to answer as quickly as we can.


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