Our Services

We can simply consult with you on how to approach Pinterest marketing, whether you do it in-house or hire someone else to do it. However, most companies hire us for a combination of the following services:

One-Time Pinterest Services

  1. Pinterest account setup and optimization
  2. Content promotion (we spread your content far and wide on Pinterest)
  3. Content creation (we research, brainstorm, and design Pinterest-optimized images/content for your site)

Recurring Pinterest Services

  1. Account management (we manage your Pinterest account for you)
  2. Promotion of one or many pieces of your content on a monthly basis (using our Pinterest accounts)

You most likely fall into one of two camps:

  1. Click here if you work with a marketing/SEO agency
  2. Click here if you are an in-house marketer or business owner looking to use Pinterest to market your business