I am a list person, I always have been. My brothers growing up used to tease me because I would write all my day’s to-dos on a list and sometimes I would just re-write the list to make it more organized. Even my husband now laughs because I have to have a notepad by my bed just in case I need to make a list.

For me lists are like brain dumps. If I write it down then for some reason it just clears up what I am thinking. So when we get asked if it is better to do Pinterest marketing in-house or outsource it to a Pinterest marketing agency my first response is, “This question needs a list!” So here is my brain dump, of sorts, on the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced Pinterest marketing.

In-house Pinterest Marketing

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Definition: Assigning or hiring someone with the specific duty to manage your Pinterest account, create a network and promote your website’s content.


    • Training: you decide exactly how your team pins each month.
    • Cross responsibilities: you can assign one person to create blog content and do pinterest marketing, that way your blog content is created with Pinterest in mind.
    • On-site expert: Because you have or have trained someone to be an expert on Pinterest they can represent that side of internet marketing in your marketing meetings and events.
    • Daily activity: Someone assigned specifically to Pinterest can ensure that there is activity daily on your account that is growing your reach and engagement.


    • Training: You have to ensure that training on correct Pinterest marketing techniques occurs to receive the highest benefit possible.
    • Cost: It can add more costs than just a salary to hire/employ someone. Cost of office space, benefits, equipment to work, etc.
    • Turn-over: If the in-house person you hired and trained quit you have to begin again with the hiring and training process.

Outsource: Pinterest Marketing Agency

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Definition: Hiring a team of Pinterest experts to help advise and carry out Pinterest marketing strategies and campaigns.


    • Multiple experts: Because it is an agency, when brainstorming new campaigns, resolving questions or deciding a marketing plan for the month you have a team of experts to give ideas and input rather than just one person.
    • Built in network: A Pinterest marketing agency should not only be able to help you grow your account but have access to other accounts on Pinterest to help you drive your content even further.
    • Experience: Having multiple campaigns under its belt, an agency has been able to test strategies and can help you decide which will be best for your company.
    • Consistent: With multiple people working on your account for one price you get the advantage of stability, even if someone at the agency quits your account still goes forward because it is not dependant on just one person.
    • Immediate start: A Pinterest marketing agency already knows what needs to happen for a campaign and an account. So, when you decide to market on Pinterest you can start that week and not wait for someone to come in and get trained.


    • Not in the same office: Unless you set up a special meeting your Pinterest experts will not be present at marketing meetings
    • Finding one: Not every agency is honest and reputable. Its takes some research to make sure that you find a company that will do the best possible job for your company.

To us the perfect Pinterest marketing set-up would be to have both an in house representative and an agency working together. An in-house rep would be able to represent Pinterest marketing strategies in meetings, learn from the agency strategies and techniques to become an expert, and represent the company’s best interests to the agency. While the agency could provide expertise and training, access to more tools and networks to help content get more attention, and actively promote on Pinterest on behalf the company.

We are a Pinterest marketing agency. To say we are biased when it comes to our opinion of outsourcing would be true. Our bias, though, comes from the results we see in the campaigns we have run and the belief we have that we really can bring you results. Pinterest marketing works, it really does. So whether you hire in-house or decide to bring in an agency definitely put some time into marketing on Pinterest.