Headlines like these have started popping up in newspapers and blogs around the web.

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So the question has turned from, “Can Pinterest drive traffic?” to “Is Pinterest traffic worth driving.” The straight up answer is: it depends. It depends on how your website is ready to handle Pinterest Traffic. CopyBlogger puts it best when he bluntly says: “Pinterest doesn’t sell stuff — you do. By funneling the traffic properly, you can convert visitors into customers….Traffic from any source is only worthwhile if you have specific goals for it. You can use Pinterest for customer engagement, personal branding, or as an entry point to your conversion funnel.”

Reuters.com reports that “Pinterest shoppers, on average, spend nearly $170 per session, according to a study by RichRelevance, an e-commerce consultant, which tracked 700 million shopping sessions. In comparison, Facebook shoppers spend $95 per session, while Twitter shoppers spend $70”

At Dilly Marketing we have tested campaigns and landing pages. One campaign we ran sent thousands of visitors to a landing page that contained only the content from the pin. The bounce rate on this landing page was over 85% and not one sale was made from the content. From that test some would say Pinterest traffic is just hype.

However, we ran another campaign where the landing page contained the content of the image, calls-to-action, images of relevant products, and links to other relevant articles. This campaign had a higher time on site per visitor, a higher pages-per-visit rate and drove thousands of dollars in sales.

In the last 10 days of a current campaign for a client, we’ve seen almost 3,000 visits to their site, almost 57,000 page-views (that’s about 20 pages per visit!), and 249 signups to their newsletter. Pinterest traffic has been totally worth it to this client.

When Pinterest traffic works in tandem with a great landing page that is when real value is found. We have seen a lot of companies get a lot of value from Pinterest traffic, in every case though the goal for the traffic was defined and the landing page crafted to accomplish that goal as best as possible.