3 Types of Images That Go Viral on Pinterest

There are three types of images that do well:

  1. Images with text on them offering to teach/show you something
  2. Longer images that teach/show you something in the image itself, aka instructographics
  3. Images that show you the possible end result of what you want/like/need

Now that I’ve told you three types that tend to go viral. I’ll now show you two examples of each.

Type 1: Example 1


Why does this image do well? What does it have that makes people want to share it?

For starters it catches the eye. I mean what are those glowing things in those mason jars? My curiosity is piqued.  The promise of clicking on this pin and getting not only 41 things but 41 easy things to do with mason jars is compelling. This post has been pinned over 40,000 times.

Type 1: Example 2

How to Age, Antique, and Distress

See how this image is offering to teach you how to age, antique, and distress? This post has been pinned over 455,000 times.

Type 2: Example 1


This image has been pinned over 23,000 times. It’s simple, straight forward, and teaches you how to do something all in the image itself.

Type 2: Example 2



You can see that this image has no text on it at all but that the sequence of images put into one long image teach you how to make tomato hearts. Not to mention that this looks so easy that I think I could even do it. This post has been pinned over 74,000 times.

Type 3: Example 1

BB Bars 3

I’m drooling right now looking at this image. Guess how many times this has been pinned. Over 557,000 times. This image shows me the end result. It shows me what could be in my mouth in the next 40-50 minutes. And these banana bread bars with butter frosting look delicious. By the way, I’ve had these and they are amazing.

Type 3: Example 2


This image shows the final product of this tutorial. It’s a good image, with good lighting, and is clear what the end result will be. This has been pinned over almost 22,000 times.

So, when deciding what kind of images to use on your site that people will most likely share you can use these 6 examples as a reference.

Is there some other type of image that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.