Superbowl - PinterestThe scores are in, the chips and dipare gone and all that is left of the SuperBowl is to replay highlights and of course rewatch our favorite commercials.  My favorite part of the Superbowl has always been the commercials, sure the football is fun but I am drawn to the suspense at each commercial break to see what million dollar marketing teams can come up with.


It has been interesting to read the post game reactions to these commercials on twitters, blogs and facebook. There were definitely some failures (just check out the GoDaddy commercials as always, or the Calvin Klein one this year) but there were a few that stood above the rest. We could all learn something from these few commercials especially when it comes to how to quickly capture an audiences’ attention, which is vital for Pinterest marketing. So according to the 2013 Superbowl what catches people’s attention?


People Want to Relate

Best Buy’s commercial with actor Amy Poehler not only makes viewers laugh but also makes viewers say that is so true! We have all been there during a conversation about the latest technology and had no clue what most of the words being said even mean. This commercial makes people laugh and say “Yes! I have felt like that!” Pinterest content that makes people say that same thing will get shared.


People Want to Feel 

Budwieser’s “Brotherhood” commercial makes you think back to when you had to say goodbye to something, it pulled at your heart strings and by the end you felt inspired and excited. If your content on Pinterest can remind a user of something they have felt once and leave them with a distinct feeling: happy, thoughtful, inquisitive, etc.  people will share it.


People Want to Smile

Doritos has knocked its commercials out of the park recently and Fashionista Dad is no exception. It simply is cute, you can’t help but smile as it unfolds. If your Pinterest content brings a smile to your viewers face they will share it with their friends. We love to make other people smile, even if we didn’t create the content we get a sense of accomplishment for finding it.